About Record Quest

Record Quest Adventures, LLC provides unforgettable, unique experiences through professionally guided fishing trips for clients of all-ages and skill levels. We mold experiences that cater to our clients needs and experiences by asking questions and listening to our clients.


Our expert fishing guides provide everything needed for our guests to enjoy their trip on the lake. We provide the rods, the reels, the bait, and the tools and tricks of the trade in a clean and comfortable boat. The only thing guests need to bring is themselves and a desire to catch big fish!

Our mission is to make fishing fun, comfortable, and accessible to everyone. We strive to be the premier fishing guide service by being friendly hosts and humble teachers, and using high-quality equipment in a clean environment.

About Derrick Crozier, Founder

Derrick began his professional fishing path very simply. He was working in South Central Kansas. His first real job after college took him to the BOOMING town of Walton Kansas, population 235. This is a big adjustment coming from Kansas City, but the town was amazing and the people were even better.


At that point, Derrick started fishing with a local fisherman that gave him confidence to go out to chase his dream. He still didn't have a boat, but he did have a truck. And rather than do what most fresh college graduates do (go buy a fancy new truck and a sports car), this man convinced Derrick to get a boat of his own.


For the next 3 years, Derrick lived in his truck and at the lake, fishing almost every day - he built a business around it. He entered every catfish tournament he could, and all the sudden, the phone wouldn't stop ringing.


After nearly 6 years of professional guiding and traveling to tournaments around the country, he had a to make a hard decision. Move back to Kansas City and enter my professional career, or buy a house by the lake and call it home. At the same time, his grandmother was diagnosed with cancer and that made decision very easy. Derrick sold everything, moved back to Kansas City, and started a new career with Scheel's managing their fishing department. From there he stayed in the industry, but moved to Frontier Justice to serve as their Purchasing Manager, and then started his current job as a Business Development Manager for Alliance Shippers. While he does have a full-time job, Derrick's heart belongs to his beautiful wife (that's right, he got married as well) and fishing.

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