How to catch a ton of Catfish in the SPRING!

In this little post, I want to cover how I will approach an upcoming trip to Milford in the Spring. I won't be giving away my locations but I will give you enough information to be successful. Keep in mind, I'm writing this 2-days prior to my trip. With any luck, I will be successful on this pattern. We'll see how it turns out. I'll add an update at the bottom without amending this post. Just to show either how right, or more than likely, how wrong I am on this pattern. Before I even think about where and how I want to fish, I look at the weather report. Weather will tell you more than anything else. Below is an weather forecast of the days leading up to my trip. 

Junction City, Kansas weather forecast for Thursday, April 18, 2019.

So my trip is scheduled for Saturday. Taking into account that temperatures are warming up into the weekend, and - you can't see this, but it was raining the night before writing this post. This tells me a few things :

  • The water temps are 52-56 degrees.

  • There will be water coming into the lake.

  • We are going to be in a warming trend.

  • We will be close to a strong front.

The next thing I look at, is the hourly forecast, mainly THE WIND. In the lake I fish (Milford Lake), you need to wind to catch fish. In the forecast below, you will see the wind will be blowing pretty good at 12 mph. Since the weather man is always wrong, I like to add 10 mph to the sustained wind forecast. So we will probably see 20 mph wind.

Junction City, Kansas wind forecast for Saturday, April 20, 2019.

I always start with a few locations in mind ahead of time. I have a shallow flat that I love to fish on this pattern. It goes from 30 ft all the way up to the bank gradually over a mile. Fish move up and down this flat as the water warms through the day. I scan through this area first thing in the morning, just to see if I can find a few fish in the neighborhood.

Normally this time of year, you will find fish out in the deeper water first thing in the morning. Then, they move in through the day as the water warms. I'll be on anchor first and I'll spend most of the morning in the same spot, just waiting for the dinner bell to go off. This time of year, I will wait for fish to come to me. Most of the time, I'm the most impatient guy on the lake but sometime you just need to SLOW DOWN. The fish will come to you this time of year. I love to ambush fish. However, if I sit a couple hours and don't catch anything, I'll pick up and move. 

By this time of day, the wind will be up a bit. I will transition to a shallow, windy bank and anchor up again. The shad gets blown into the banks when the wind gets a little rough. I will toss out small baits and we should be able to find some fish. 

Now, if all of this fails, I'll put the anchor away and put the trolling motor down. Draggin' baits and covering ground is one of the best ways to put fish in the boat when you can't find a concentration of fish. 80% of the year I am dragging, suspending, and bumping.

Well, this is my full strategy. As much as I need to be successful this time of year. Remember to trust your gut. A lot of times I'll circle back to my first anchor spot to end the day because, I know it's gonna hold fish. The dinner bell doesn't always ring when you think it's going to. That evening bite can turn on and your entire day will be made in the last hour.

We should do pretty good this weekend. But I'll update this next week with photos and weights, and exactly what I did to catch fish. 

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