Trip Resources

Prior to your trip, each guest needs to have a valid fishing license and a signed waiver on file.




Types of Licenses

All Kansas residents and non-residents are required to have a license to fish.

Resident, 1-day: $8.50

Resident, annual: $27.50

Non-resident, 1-day: $14.50

Non-resident, 5-day: $27.50

Non-resident, annual: $52.50

A standard license allows for two poles. An additional three pole permit may be purchased. Lower prices may be available for youth, seniors, and disabled veterans.

Purchase Options

Kansas fishing licenses maybe purchased ahead of time online, or in person at several locations near Milford Lake.




Who needs to sign?

Every person who will be a passenger on a Record Quest boat trip needs to sign a liability waiver before we leave the dock. If the passenger is under 18, we require a parent or guardian to sign the waiver on behalf of the minor.

If you purchase a trip, but will not be one of the guests, we do not need you to complete the waiver.