What to expect on your fishing adventure

Before your trip

Our goal is to help you catch the fish of your dreams. Whether you are want to have a fun day on the water, want to fill the freezer full of fresh fish, or are on the hunt for the 100 lb monster catfish of your dreams, we can help. Make sure to fill out the pre-trip questionnaire, so we know exactly how to plan your trip. Every trip is catered to goals.

At the boat ramp

Make sure to arrive at the ramp 20 min before your trip is scheduled, this allows time to gather your gear and meet your captain for the day. For most trips we will have the boat in the water and ready to depart before you arrive. However, if you need assistance with your equipment let us know ahead of time and we can wait until you arrive to launch the boat so you do not have to carry your equipment down the boat ramp.

Meeting your captain

Our captains can be identified by the Record Quest logo on the their shirt and equipment. Once you meet the captain, he will run through the rules for the day and have you sign a liability waiver. After that, it’s time to set-off for the day. (You can also complete the waiver online here.)


The boat and equipment

One of the biggest advantages of using Record Quest is the quality of the equipment. We fish out of a 2019 21 ft Bayliner Element F21. This boat is extremely comfortable, stable, dry, protected from the sun, and very reliable. You will find the boat equipped with the latest in fishing technology, high quality equipment, and most importantly, we make sure to clean our boats before every trip. You will have a fun, relaxing, comfortable and exciting day on the water.

On the water

Each trip will be planned according to the type of fishing you'd like to do. But the following is what a typical trip might consist of.

The first stop for the day will be to find bait. We will walk you through how we locate schools of bait fish (shad, goldeye, bluegill). Then we walk you through how to throw large cast nets to catch fresh bait. Of course we always advocate for fresh bait. This part of the trip is optional, all of our captains will have caught fresh bait within 24-hours of your trip and have it in the cooler, ready to go.

The second stop is where the action starts. Your guide will set-up your rods and explain the technique they are using as they set-up the equipment. After the rods are set-up, it's time to wait for a rod to bend. When everything goes right, it doesn't take long to land the first of many.

From there, we will hop around to a few of our favorite spots. If we find a spot that keeps on giving, we'll stay longer. But the entire goal of the day is to catch fish! So we don't waste time with fishing holes that aren't producing.


We have a couple options when it comes to lunch. If you prefer a break and a warm meal, we'll stop at The Cove Restaurant at Acorns Resort. If you'd rather maximize your time on the boat, you can bring a sack lunch. We have plenty of cooler space to keep food and beverages chilled.

Bathroom Breaks

While we can head back to the boat ramp for bathroom breaks, it eats into your time on the water. We encourage you to use the facilities right before you get on the boat and try to space out the need for restroom breaks.

Finishing Up

After a day full of fishing fun, we'll head back to the dock with a cooler of fish to clean*, photos of you with the day's catches, and stories to share! 

*We abide by all local and state conservation laws. Therefore, any fish kept must fall within the catch limit.